Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hey everyone! Last night I was at Gloria's Cafe in Orlando, FL having our once a year leadership dinner with our pastors. I've been with you guys for about a good 3-4 months, but I haven't introduced you's to some of my leadership partners and pastors. We'll here they are.....

These are some of my leadership partners (or my partners in crime) that I work with on a regular basis (some more than others). There leadership abilities range from children's leadership, Women's Ministry, Men's Ministry, Young adults leadership, Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, dance leaders, Consolidation leaders, etc.

Here is our Pastor's youth leadership team. Let me introduce you....

Starting on your left we have my beautiful, sweet hearted wife Jennifer, next to her is your's truly me Johnny. Followed by the talented Emely Gonzalez and next to her is her husband, the crazy clown of our team Tommy Gonzalez (every team has to have a guy that can bring laughs and that is him.) Next to him is my main man and anointed preacher Gaby Rodriguez followed by the sweet and loving Sanely Rodriguez. Next to her is the gifted rapper/drummer, Dave Diaz aka Rev. In the bottom we have our wonderful, exciting, fun, full of energy, Pastor Lisa Rosario (no she is not sticking up the middle finger in the picture! Please people she is a Pastor!)

Who is missing? The man full of wisdom, humbleness, and knowledge, Pastor Victor Rosario. And also the sweet, open minded, idea bringing, workaholic, Lisa Velasquez.

I see these people at least 3 times a week (is that a lot or what!) Each and everyone one of them brings passion, creativity, love, and fun to anything that we do. Whether it is a corporate set meeting, service or a dinner. We know how to be productive and fun at the same time. Each and everyone of them has been a blessing to me and Jennifer's life. That is why we call them family.

Here our my Pastor's. They are the Associate Pastor's of our Chuch. Starting in the middle with the humble, wise, and patient Pastor Danny Mercado and next to him is his wife the confident, tough love, women of God Pastor Maria Mercado.
And last but not least is our Senior Pastor's. Starting to your left (with the scarf) is our humble, gentle, loving, prophet, Pastor Julie Alvarez. Next to her is my mentor, spiritual father, the humble servant, best preacher in Orlando, FL!, and prophet Pastor Rocky Alvarez.

These are the wonderful people that God has put next to me and my wife. You will see and hear more from these individuals in the months and years to come as I continue to take you into The Life of a Worshiper!

Until next time!

Stay blessed


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