Monday, May 18, 2009

Featured Game Review - X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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If you have been following me in my blog page, then you know that I am a person that likes to bring variety and different taste to my blogs and web page. As you also have seen, I love to play video games (especially Xbox 360). So where I am getting to with this?

We'll today I introduce you to Game Review!. At the moment I don't have a weekly set date for the reviews, but I will definitely bring reviews on games that I am personally playing on a consistent basis and as well on any new information that I get on games.

So what game is on the review board this week?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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Game Review

The graphics on the game are surprisingly good. The moment I began I started playing I couldn't believe how detailed the game was with graphics. For instance, as you slash your way around with Wolverine you will see that, as you get shot or stabbed, etc, Wolverine body will regenerate as you keep moving along. The makers of this game (Raven) really put there time and passion into making this game. This is not just some other movie based game that stinks. This game is seriously worth considering.

Three words, God of War. The moment I began playing this game it felt like I was playing God of War again. I am not saying that this game would compete with God of War or that it is better, but this game's gameplay quickly brought me back to God of War. Anyways, let me give you a warning, THIS GAME IS BLOODY! Not only will you have fun slashing your way around soldiers and bosses but I love the fact that you can use your environment in your battles. I have to say though, the gameplay does get a little repetitive, as well as the bosses that you fight as well. But it doesn't even matter! The game is not very difficult but the game has good length.

The Verdict:
I was guilty along with other gamers of underrating this game. Com' on name me a movie based game that is really worth playing and buying? But this game is.
I enjoyed this game from the start to the finish. I was a bit confused with the story line, but it didn't matter. I enjoyed the graphics, gameplay, cut scenes, bosses, etc. I recommend it to anyone that is in the mood for something fast paced, exciting, bloody, and fun!

Fuego's Rating: 8.5

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