Wednesday, December 29, 2010

He's in Control..

Hey Guys, I was checking out some vids and ran into this incredible one, which reminded of what God can do when we least expect it and how he is in control.

You'll see in the vid, Carlos Whitaker shooting an EPK for his new track titled, God of Second Chances, and out of now where a homeless man approaches Carlos. He gets on his knees and begins to cry and join Carlos in worship. I don't want to say the whole video but watch for yourself, what God can do when you least expect it.

Check it out..

Incredible right? Man, this really moved me this morning. Sometimes we invest so much time into trying to change lives, make an impact in and around us or do something great for God, (and don't misinterpret me, we have to take the appropriate steps to achieve what God wants us to achieve) but we need to understand that when we are walking in God, great things will surround us. We won't have to do so much to make an impact in peoples lives, God will allow it to take place in and around us. And when it happens it will be to let us know that He is the one controlling our lives.

Think about that today.



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