Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beach Body: Series 1: Part 10

Hey guys what is going on! Hope all is well.

How has this Pro Muscle Beach Body Series helped you? 
Any suggestions or things you would like to see on this Series? Send me feedback

Anyways, let's get right to it.

Wake up time: 4:50am

Gym Arrival: 5:15am

 Light to Medium Cardio/Stretch: 13min. Light, meaning that I began by walking then half way began to perform a light jog to warm up the muscles and get good blood flow through out my body. Great before a workout

Abdominals: 15-20min.
  • Superset: Decline Leg Raises w/ Decline Leg Crunches: 3sets/12-15x
  • Side Bends on 45 degree: 3sets/12-15x
Chest: 30min.
  • Superset: Dumbbell Bench Press w/ Alternating Medicine Ball Bench Press with Resistant Band: 3sets/10-12x
  • Superset: Dumbbell Incline Bench Press w/ Medicine Ball Incline Push Up: 3sets/10-12x
  • Superset: Decline Dumbbell Bench Press w/ Dumbbell Flyes on Medicine Ball: 3sets/10-12x
  • Cable Flyes: 3sets/10-12x
Triceps: 20min.
  • Superset: Close-Grip Barbell Tricep Extension Behind Head w/ Bench Dips: 3sets/8-12x
  • Incline EZ Bar Tricep Extension: 3sets/8-12x
  • Standing Bent-Over One-Arm Resistant Band Tricep Extension 

Light Cardio: 13min.

Great overall workout! I am definitely seeing some improvements.
I started close to 2 weeks ago at about 205lbs. and right now I'm in the 190's lbs. I'm moving fast at this and I'm determined to get my Beach Body this Summer.

How is your Beach Body going so far?



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