Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Setlist

What's going on blog nation! Welcome to the Life of a Worshiper. I am excited to be sharing with you my Sunday Setlist which is hosted by Fred McKinnon and other worshipers at Fred McKinnon.Com.

Sorry, I have been out of action last week. I got lazy blogging (do you get like that?). Anyways before I go to my Sunday setlist I want to share with you something new that I am doing here at The Life of a Worshiper.Every Wednesday I will be hosting Spoken Word Wednesday.

Spoken What?

What is a Spoken Word?
Spoken word is a form of literary art or artistic performance in which lyrics, poetry, or stories are spoken rather than sung. So if you are gifted in writing, poetry, story telling, rap, etc or have heard someone else give a spoken word, then please feel free to participate and share. All the information you need to participate is over at or you can click here.

Alright here is my Setlist.

1. We Praise your Name (Jonathon Stockstill) - B
Great song! We haven't done this song in a while, so we had to refresh our minds on it, musically.

2. More Love, More Power - C#
Great flow to both of these songs. Once we finished one, we went straight to the other one. Great song. The congregation really received from these first songs as we started our worship service.

3. The more I seek you (Kari Jobe)/ Lord I give you my heart - D
We did a medley with these two songs. They blended very well and the message from both came together as well. God really moved amazingly.

4. You are my Rock - Bb
I enjoyed this song a lot. Very salsaish. Very fun!

Our Pastor started a 3 week series on Matthew 6:33 regarding the Kingdom of God. Amazing Word! Overall worship was exciting and full of God's glory. How did your Sunday service go?