Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trip Eve to North Carolina

How do you feel the day before you know you are going on Vacation? Don't you feel like a little kid entering a toy store... and you get super excited! That is how I feel today, on the eve of my road trip to North Carolina.

My wife and I have been planning this trip for about 5 months and just can't believe we are almost there. We are not only going on vacation but we are going to meet our super close friends and music mentors, Manny & Nelitza. I introduced you to them, but if you forget who they are, click here.

I am leaving the state but not the Internet World. So What I am going to be doing for you, is blogging everyday on how each day goes on my vacation. I will give you the scoop on North Carolina, it's dinning, entertainment, wildlife, etc. Call it, The Inside Scoop of North Carolina through the eyes of Johnny "Fuego"

It is going to be lots of fun, so stay updated and leave comments.