Saturday, January 3, 2009

What a Night....

Hey everyone! Let me ask a question to any of you worship leaders, Have you ever had to lead a worship set and preach that service? I did last night. It was actually the third time I have done it and each time it is a blessing. Last night was our once a month Youth Rally where our target is to reach more of the newbies or visitors, so we bring different songs, different preachings, it is just a different service than normal. So last night was great. I thought the attendance was going to be low but a lot of people showed up. For the worship portion of the service we did a total of 5 songs and 2 of them were new. Here is the worship set:

1. I'm not Ashamed (Hillsong United) - C
2. Run (Hillsong United) - Eb
3. Control (Mutemath) - B
4. Sing to the Lord (Hillsong United) - A
5. Take it All (Hillsong United) - B

Worship was amazing. Our new ones were #1 & 4. I am so proud of my worship team for stepping up and getting these songs.
Once worship was over I stepped up and preached a message titled "The time is now". It was a word that ministered to me. I told our sound tech to record it but He forgot, so I really have nothing for you to hear. But I will redue it and put in my podcast for you to enjoy as well.

But one of the best parts of the night was seeing my music mentors, Manny & Nelitza Gonzalez come to our service last night all the way from North Carolina. That meant so much to me. These are the people that took me under there wing when I began this journey in the worship team. I am who I am today because of there teaching, commitment, love, and example to me as worship leaders. They also got to receive the word I got, so they pretty much got the full package from me. After Service we enjoyed wings at Ale House. We spoke so much about worship, life, etc. If it wasn't for the time we would have been so much more longer. I love them so much!

Thank you for your prayers, persistance, love, and belief in me and my wife. We will never forget you's.

Do you have music/worship mentors in your life? Speak about them, I want to hear from you.

Until next time
Stay blessed people!