Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Setlist

It is 2009! How was last moments of 2008? We'll me and my family spend the New Year's at church. This year we threw down a big special New Year's Service Bash. Not only I am I dedicating this post to wish you a Happy New Year, but to also share with you my special New Year's Setlist. I lead this bio lingual service. I haven't done a bio lingual service since last year. But I had an incredible time up there.
We did a total of 7 songs so this service had a very concert/celebration service to it. The atmosphere was unexplainable. Here are the song:

(I have to warn everyone that there is are some Spanish in this post, but if you have any questions just comment me back.)

1. Hoy estamos aqui (We are today) - F
Very very fun song. It had the Latin salsa feel to it. It was the perfect song to start with. My good friend Humberto lead this song.

2. Take it All (Tomalo) - B
This is one of our favorites in English, so we decided to do it in Spanish as well. Here is a video of it:

New Year's Service from Johnny Sierra on Vimeo.

3.I know who I am (Yo se quien yo soy) - A
This was one of our new one's this year and I really wanted to bring it. The only thing was that there was not translation of it in Spanish. So I translated the entire chorus of the song into Spanish. It was fun.

4.Blessed be your name (Bendito eres tu) - A
This one was one of our older one's but it was a bio lingual song that was fun, and easy.

5.Bendecire tu nombre (I will bless your name) - A
Another good friend of mine, Gina lead this song. This song was the transitional song from all the fast one's to the slow songs. I love songs like this because it makes it so easy to transition from fast to slow. Awesome song. It was another new one that we did this year.

6.Mighty to Save (Mi Dios puede salvar) - D
You know I had to bring this one, once I found out that there was Spanish lyrics to it! I love this song and the congregational really opened up with it. It was an incredible time of worship.

7. How Great is our God (Cuan grande es Dios) - C
This song was the cherry on top! The congregation know this song very well so we really didn't have to do much. Man, it blew me away when we stopped all the music/vocals and it was just the congregation singing! Don't you love when that happens?

Happy New Year's

Did your church have a New Year's service? If so, How did it go?