Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Deer Crash!

What is that saying?, "There is always a first time for everything" We'll if you read my previous post, I mentioned that my day yesterday was only 75% good. As I am coming back home from the studio, (Bamby) decides to start running across the street right when my car is about to pass it at speeds of 50mph. Try to picture that scene. Now take a look at the real damages.

Yes this sucks a lot. I was asking myself last night questions like, What if I would have left 10min. earlier? or What if I had my high beams on? But I realized that there is a purpose with everything that goes on in our lives. And we have to let God be in control of every circumstance that comes our way, whether good or bad. Obviously this one is bad, but I trust in my God and know that a blessing is coming out of this situation.

It is funny because prior to this crash I have never seen a deer in person. So you can say that I have had a very close encounter with one, and I didn't even need a gun! Repairs should start next week. Keep me in your prayers my friends!

P.S. If you are wondering the status of the deer, we'll let's just say it's in some one's living room wall right now!

Until next time
Stay blessed