Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Answer - Day 1

I had a great first 75% of the day, (I will let you know why only the first 75% of my day was good in my next post). I was at the studio today recording my new song titled "The Answer". I got together with a few sound engineers as well as musicians to work on this song. Let me tell you that I am working with one of the most talented teams I have ever met. Check out the video for more details of day at the studio.

We are living in a small world! I say that because the pianist that was with us today was one of my high school buddies. We graduated together and rode the same bus everyday. Isn't that funny? God is so good and when we are in His perfect will, everything falls into place as well as the right people. It was another great experience at the studio. I will keep you guys updated with the progress of my new song "The Answer".