Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Setlist

What's up everyone! Welcome to the Life of a Worshiper. I am excited to be sharing with you my Sunday Setlist which is hosted by Fred McKinnon and other worshipers at Fred McKinnon.Com.

Now that Christmas is over it is time to put the Christmas songs in the closet and out with some new worship songs. We'll today was pretty good despite missing quite a few members due to holiday traveling, Christmas hangovers (not with alcohol), or other things. I was so tired this morning, (probably due to playing xbox live the night before till 2am) that effected me quite a bit. It seemed a little different this morning though. It seemed like the congregation was also tired today as well. Kelly one of our members lead worship this morning. She did such a great job.

Here is the lineup:

1. Rain over Me - (Johnny Sierra) Bb
This was a song that I wrote a couple of years back. It was good to play it because I always lead it. Very fun!

2. One Way - (Hillsong United) - Bb
Great mix with our first song. The notes were basically almost identical to one another. The congregation really get's in to this song. Very fun!

3. Come live in Me - B
One of our older one's but still good. I never played this one so it was good to play on of the songs that really blessed me growing up in my church.

4. Father You're Glorious - (Jonathon Stockstill) - F
Great song. One of my favorites. This song really elevated us. God's presence really moved

5. You Are (All about you) - B
This was our last song after the offering. We jammed out on this one!

Overall everything was great. Not as much fire as we have seen the last weeks in our congregation but I know God moved greatly. I am proud of our entire team they did a great job!

Until next time
Stay blessed


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