Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday Setlist

What's up everyone hope you are enjoying the start to your first week of 2009!I am fired up to be sharing with you my Sunday Setlist which is hosted by Fred McKinnon and other worshipers at Fred McKinnon.Com.

Well let me get right to it. I led our traditional Sunday morning service. Here are the songs:

1. I'm not ashamed (Hillsong United) - C
Great song! It was one of our new ones that we brought in. The congregation loved it. I started the intro with a synth sound and the guys rocked out the rest.

2. You're Grace is Enough (Christ Tomlin) - A
One of our favorites.

3. Sing to the Lord (Hillsong United) - A
Awesome song! This song was also another one of our new ones and really made an impact in people lives. I definately recommend this song to any worship team.

4. How Great is our God - (Chris Tomlin) - A
This song always grabs the people. I just love fading the music away and hearing the congregation sing it. It blows me away each time.

5. Take it All - (Hillsong United) - B
Another favorite.

Overall everything went great. We missed one of our guitar players and a couple of singer so we had to make use of who we had. But God was glorified and the people received.

How was your Sunday morning service? Please share

Until next time
Stay blessed