Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday Setlist

What's up blog nation! Welcome to The Fuego aka [The Life of a Worshiper]. I am fired up to be sharing with you my Sunday Setlist which is hosted by Fred and other worship leaders at Fred McKinnon.Com.

This was my first Sunday back from vacation, and it was great seeing my family and friends again. But I think we brought the cold from North Carolina to Florida with us because yesterday was freezing outside and this week we have a cold front. Where is the sun?!

If you haven't stayed updated in The Fuego, then check out my vacation at North Carolina (I promise you will laugh! Well I hope you do :) Click here.

Anyways, I did not lead worship this week but my good friend Lisa did and this was her lineup.

1. Beautiful One (Jeremy Camp)
2. Wrap me in Your arms (Michael Gungor)
3. Father You're Glorious (Jonathan Stockstill)
4. Run (Hillsong United)

Great lineup. I am proud of her and the ministry for stepping up when I was gone. Great job guys!

Our pastor has been speaking on a series titled, The Kingdom, and the message was titled "The Life lessons of the Kingdom" It was was a good message! I will add in a clip on it later for you to see.

So, how was your Sunday service? What songs did you sing? What message did you hear?

Share you Sunday experience