Monday, January 24, 2011

Beach Body: Series 1: Part 9

What's up guys. I told you guys last week that I would be post a ProMuscle Beach Body Series in video and that is what me and my wife (Jennifer) did but we had some trouble with the video. But we will have a Beach Body Vlog ready for you guys next week. Great weekend of dieting and resting. Felt great this morning after a good night of sleep.

As of today, here it goes:

Wake up time: 4:50am

Gym Arrival: 5:10am

 Light to Medium Cardio: 12min. Light meaning that I began by walking then half way began to perform a light jog to warm up the muscles and get good blood flow through out my body.

Abdominals: 15-20min.

  • Superset: Decline Reverse Crunches w/ Hanging Leg Raises: 3sets/12-15x 

Back: 30min.

  • Superset: Cable Pull downs w/ Reverse Cable Pull downs: 3 Sets/10-12x
  • Superset: Alternating Cable Pull downs w/ Seated High Row: 3 sets/10-112x
  • Superset: Bent over row (Machine) w/ Reverse Flies w/ Resistant Band: 3sets/12-15

Biceps: 15-20min.

  • Superset: Barbell Incline Curl w/ Standing Curls w/ Resistant Band: 3sets/10-12x
  • Hammer Curl w/ Cable: 3sets/10-12x
  • Wide Grip Barbell Curl: 3sets/10-12x

Light Cardio: 12min.

Great workout! I am feeling good and starting to see some good results. Hope you are pursuing your Beach Body this Year!

What has been the hardest challenge in pursuing your Beach Body?



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