Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beach Body: Series 1: Part 21

 How's your Beach Body looking so far?

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Weighed myself yesterday and I am at 208lbs. from 220lbs! To me that is exciting and really motivates me to continue to push through. I don't wake up at 4:30am for nothing! I am aiming towards 190lbs. Looking to rip up for the summer and get my beach body in full swing!

Light (Walking) to Medium (Jogging) Cardio/Stretch: 15min.
Started with light walking for 3min. then went into a light jog for 12min.

Abdominals: 15-20min.
  • Superset: Decline Reverse Crunches w/ Decline Scissor Kicks: 3sets/15-20x
  • Superset: Cross Body Crunch w/ Oblique Crunches on Exercise Ball: 3sets/15-20x

Legs: 35-45min. (Overall) 
  • Quadriceps
    • Superset: Barbell Step Ups w/ Dumbbell Squats: 3sets/10-15x
    • Smith Machine Lounges: 3sets/10x
  • Hamstrings
    • Smith Machine Stiff Legged Deadlifts: 3sets/8-12x
    • Sitting Leg Curls: 3sets/10-12x
  • Calves
    • Calf Raise Machine: 3sets/10-12x
    • Seated Calf Raise Machine: 3sets/10-12x
    • Calf Extensions: 3sets/10-12x
Triceps: 15min.
  • Superset: Superset: Dips w/ Close Grip Push Ups: 3sets/10-12x
  • Cable Pulldowns: 3sets/10-12x
  • Cable Overhead Extensions: 3sets/10-12x
NO Cardio:
Ran out of time today with all the workouts that I was doing. But I my heart rate was on going today, which cause me to sweat a lot.  Great workout.

So are you working out or dieting this year? Would love to hear your story.



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