Friday, March 4, 2011

Beach Body: Series 1: Part 27

 How's your Beach Body looking so far?

If this is your first time checking out the Beach Body series, then click here to start from the beginning, but catch up!
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Light (Walking) to Medium (Jogging) Cardio/Stretch: 15min.
Started with light walking for 3min. then went into a light jog for 12min.

Abdominals: 20-25min.
  • Super Set: Ab Crunch With Legs in the Air (Toe Touches Position/ Alternate Leg) w/ Hip Roll with Legs Extended: 3sets/15-20x
  • Superset: Press Sit Ups w/ Hanging Wind Shield Wipers: 3sets/15-20x

Shoulders: 35-45min. (Overall) 
  • Superset: Arnorld Presses w/ Alternating Standing Shoulder Presses with Resistant Band
  • Shoulder Press using Squat Machine w/ Single hand Shoulder Press (using the end of the Barbell)

Front Deltoid
  • Superset: Front Raises with Barbell w/ Front Raises with Resistant Band
Middle Deltoid
  • Upright Barbell Row with Smith Machine w/ Side Raises with Resistant Band
Rear Deltoid
  • Bent Over Dumbbell Rear Raise with Head on Bench w/ Low Pulley Row to Neck
Shoulder Blaster: Dumbbells: 2-3 sets 10-15 reps : No alternating hand
Front Raises
Side Raises
Bent Over Raises
Upright Rows
Shoulder Press

Post Cardio: 15min.

STRESS FRACTURE! That is what I was told that I have yesterday. So I have to take it light on the cardio. I really cant recall when this happened. I don't remember a barbell falling on my leg or me twisting anything, which I find really weird. But I will keep it easy on the cardio for 2-3 weeks. Great workout this morning. I am super soar and loving the feeling. Just gotta keep pushing!

Also I have a big announcement that I will be making don't have an exact day I will be announcing this new but please stay posted on thefuego to find out what it is!!

So how is your beach body looking? Would love to hear your story and/or submit some photos.



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