Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grill'n and Chill'n

What is going on everybody! Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday so far. As for me I am just thinking about lunch time! (c'mon you know you are too!) Anyways, the reason I am thinking about lunch already (which is 9:45am right now) is because last night I grilled some amazing chicken wings. Me and my wife decided to grill since we had a good two hours until we had to go to our weekly leadership meeting. I will be honest it freaks me out everytime I have to start up that gas grill. I don't know about you but I just haven't had the best luck. I remember my latest incident on Memorial Day of this year. Me and my wife hosted the family party (which was awesome). Anyways me and my uncle decided to go ahead and start cooking the food. We put aluminum foil on the racks and set them in there place. We then plugged the gas line to the propane tank and turned the propane tank on. Then we turned the knobs on, to start the gas flow. Then the scariest thing happened. I turned on the ignite/starter button on and right in front of us the fire of the gas blow up the aluminum foil off of the rack and made the racks fall off the grill. That was freaky and scary at the same time. But that didn't happened last night, everything went successfully (thank you Jesus!) Me and Jennifer had a good time. This was the menu of last night's dinner.


Grilled honey barbecued chicken wings
Yellow rice w/ Pigeon Peas aka Gandules
Scalloped potatoes

For desert we had orange flavored JELLOW! WOOHOO! (when was the last time you had Jello!)

Stay blessed

Until next time people!


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