Monday, September 29, 2008

Friday Night, Sunday Morning

What's up mi gente (which is my people in spanish)! Man I had a pretty good weekend. The services were awesome. I was nervous though, because I haven't led a worship service in such a long time. But for the Glory of God I gave my heart out there and it felt like I never missed a beat. I felt like a new person up there. I not only sang everysong but I lived everysong that I sang. It is an unexplainable feeling. Anyways friday was awesome we started out with 1. Break Free, which turned out awesome then we blended it with 2.My soul longs for you, that one also turned out really good (the musicians really play that one to the tee!) 3. I lift up my hands, which is one of our older ones but still powerful followed with 4. I know who I am. I know who I am is our newest song in the ministry and that one turned out pretty good. We still got to work on it a little more but I think it is one of those songs that we will get better at the more we do it. My offering song was suppose to be Solution by Hillsong but we didn't manage to get that one down (the musicians sounded like a rookie playing Guitar Hero for the first time on hard mode, try picturing that!) I will probably bring that song next time I lead (which is October 10th). We ended up doing We praise your name though. During I lift up my Hands I decided to bring some scripture in the middle of the song. I brung Job 11:13-19 and it really turned out good. I don't use enough scripture during my worship, so I might be doing more often.

Ultimately Friday's service turned out to be pretty good. I wish more of our youth would really dive into worship, but it seems like they don't like to get soaken wet :( I had a conversation with my pastor about it and we couldn't seem to find out why but ultimately the only thing we came up with is just to pray and pray hard. Pastor Julie brought a really deep message about our relationship with God that I hope captivated every heart. She is really believing in something big for our youth group and I do to. After Friday service the entire youth worship team got together to prepare for a fundraiser (venta) that we had planned for that Sunday. It was fun being all together and preparing food. We felt like family, laughing, talking, and just putting a side all our duties to share the moment together. We finished up around 11:30pm but tell me how I stayed there till 1:30pm! My wife says that it was because of me being on the computer but honestly she talks so much, she gets lost in time (please don't tell her that, I might be sleeping in the couch if you do!)
Sunday oh wonderful Sunday, there is nothing like it! Can I give every singer advice, DO NOT EAT ICE CREAM THE NIGHT BEFORE YOU SING! I ended up doing that and I paid for it. I usually condition and warm up my voice for about 15-30minutes but it took me almost a full hour to warm up my vocals and get myself going (thank God I got there at 8am!). We did the same lineup just flipped flopped Break Free and We praise your name. The service was interesting. I expected more out of it, but to be honest with you, every worshipers worship should not be dictated by the reaction of the congregation. Yes as worshipers we want to visually see things taking place but by no means should we always be lead by the visual ( I think I might talk about this subject more in another one of my blogs, stay tuned!) I felt great though! It was an amazing time that I had with the Lord and I hope that everyone that was there had an amazing time as well.

Until next time, stay blessed


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