Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's your birthday already..........!

What's up everybody! Just chilling myself, finishing up an exciting birthday weekend. It is my wife's 22nd birthday! Happy Birthday baby! She is finally growing up (not literally though! lol!) I don't know about you but time seems to be flying, I thought we just celebrated my wife's 21st birthday yesterday !
Anyways, to all the men out there listen up, balance your attack in your relationship! Don't set the bar too high in the beginning of your relationship. This year seemed to be very hard planning my wife's birthday (pray for me on our 5 year anniversary!) I pulled out all my ammo early, when I should have been wise and spread it out, but when you are young in a relationship all you want to do is impress your girl. (All the guys know what I am talking about! If you don't, you haven't been dating much!) But be wise with your ammo, balance out your attack. Don't use all your stuff for one date or even one year you will end up clueless later. Anyways it was difficult planning her birthday but I managed to get something out of my sleeve(thank you God!)

We'll we started out our day (which was Saturday around 3:45 pm) going to Lou Garden's. It is like an outside garden museum. A museum full of flowers, plants, etc, (It is not boring, trust me), we had a good time. We went once but it was to see if we could do our wedding there, and we didn't really get to enjoy it to the fullest. Anyways it was a good experience. We then went to Brio's Italian restaurant. That was a pretty good restaurant. My wife absolutely loved there rotisserie chicken, (that chicken was literally like a whole publix chicken on a plate!) I had a lasagna it was ok, not as good as Olive Garden's lasagna though. We'll during our dinner I told my wife I was going to the bathroom but I ended up going back to the car to pick up her gift (which was a new Panasonic picture camera with a 4gb sd card). I got back in the restaurant and had the front desk take the gifts to our waiter. I then got back to the table without her even knowing, (this is what I was talking about when I mentioned setting the bar high!) After we ate we spoke for a little bit, then the waiter came. He came with a nice birthday desert and the gifts. At first she thought that the restaurant bought her does gifts, (yeah my wife is very gullible!) but eventually she knew the gifts were from me.

The night is not over (bare with me). After dinner I took her to the Mad Cow Theater (yeah I said the same thing also). The show was called "Gone Missing" (I don't know if you ever had to find parking in downtown on a Saturday night, but I recommend you have cash in your pocket.) I didn't have cash and I had to drive to a bar, park the car on the side of the street (which was a block away from the bar because there wasn't any parking), with the emergency signals on (and to let you know it was about 7:15pm and the show was starting at 7:30pm, so imagine how I was!) Thank God we got there right on time because once they shut the door you can't come in.

Wow! the show was amazing! my wife absolute loved it. I felt so good that night, telling myself, "you are the man once again" and I was (at lest that is what my wife told me).

God bless my people!


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