Friday, September 26, 2008

S&T Practice

Woohoo! Practice went really well last night. I am starting to see a glimpse of what is to come in this ministry. Although I will admit coming into practice I didn't know what to expect. In the last month me and my wife have implemented a new system with this worship team. A web based system that we believe will take the load off of everyone shoulders. (Why couldn't I have known about this long ago! lol!) Not only that but we also decided to tweak our practice schedule a bit. ( Now you know why I didn't know what to expect!) But I saw the light! I saw a little light of hope and greatness for the future. Not only that but this is my first service that I will be leading since January (I believe). You are probably saying, "How can you be the worship leader, when you haven't lead worship since January" We'll if you want to know more about my personal crisis/meltdown in my life I will be posting it in my label called "The Daily Life" pretty soon, so stay on the look out.

Anyways, I was nervous in this practice. But suprisingly we got 6 songs done! This is our weekends lineup, 1. Break Free 2. My soul longs for you 3.I lift up my hands 4.I know who I am 5.Solution ("We praise your name" will take the place of "Break Free" for Sunday's Service only). Musically and vocally every song turned out pretty good. We added an extension to Break Free, on the last part of the song that goes, "get up and dance". Vocals will repeat that part while the music goes into a Rockish mode (the song is a punk rock type of song). The nuber 4 song "I know who I am" is our new song. We have been working on that one for about 3 weeks, on and off. But it sounded great last night, especially with the backup vocals. It is one of our more challenging songs but honestly there is nothing impossible for our musicians (don't start getting all cocky musicians!). Our only weakness last night was "Solution". We haven't done that song in a little while so I was merciful lol! but we definitely got to get that one down good tonight.

Vocally, (if that is a word) I think everything sounded great last night. My wife did a great job working with the vocals. I am expecting a little more from them though. Last night I felt that they could have done a little better with there knowledge of the songs, and projecting their voices. I am not trying to be a perfectionist but I am just looking for excellence which is the standard that I hold myself up to. Overrall though it was great and I am very proud of them.

Tonight is our "official" Youth service and I am fired up about it. Keep us as well as many other worship teams in prayer as we all pour our hearts out to our creator tonight and this weekend. I really believe tonight is going to be instense, and deep. Stay tuned in as I give you the 411 on how this weekends services went. God Bless my people!

One Spirit, One Truth, Spirit and Truth!


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