Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Starting Point

What's up everybody(especially S&T)! It's me Johnny.I am so fired up to have my own blog page, now I can talk all I want! woohoo! This blog is identical to the one I sent on Friday, so if you read it, read it again! lol if not be blessed. I know this week has been full of a lot of information and changes but I am very proud and happy that everyone has been able to understand and move with most of it. In saying that, it might feel abit over whelming to some with all that is going on and I want to tell you that I totally understand how you feel.

I was talking with God this morning and I told him this, I said "God Idon't want to get lost in all that I am doing for you, I don't want to run ahead of you or be behind you, I want to be next to you" What I am getting to here or the purpose of this message is to let you's know The Importance of a Relationship. We all have heard this message many times but it is easier said than done. We all have or have had friends and in that friendship you shared something that for the most part keeped you involved with that person and because of that involvement you developed love and trust for that person. You developed a relationship. In saying that we cannot forget about our relationship with Jesus. It is the starting point to all that happens in our lives.We all have shared amazing moments and times with our Lord Jesus Christ but we cannot just leave it at that, we have to continue to establish and make our relationship with Jesus, stronger and top priority above all job, ministry, etc.

During my conversation with the Lord I visioned me and Jesus walking side by side with each other, laughing and enjoying each one's company. But I began to think about my schedule and what I had to do and accomplish so in that vision I saw myself walking faster andfaster, leaving Jesus behind and telling him to catch up to me, until I couldn't see Him anymore and I was walking by myself. Maybe that is you right now, caught up in so much that you have forgotten your starting point. You ran so fast and are doing so much that you left Jesus behind and can't see Him anymore and are walking alone wondering where He is. Or maybe you are walking to slow because you are afraid of commitment and the possibility that God might use you to do something you have never done or go somewhere you have never been before, and because of that God is telling you to catch up to him.Whatever the case may be your relationship with God is the starting point. No matter how many hours of work you put in, or how busy your schedule is, or how many ministries you are in, never lose your sight from Jesus. Keep Him side by side with you. Follow Him and stay next to Him.

As your Worship leader my top concern is not that you bring your recorder, or memorize the harmonies, or remember every chord and note (but don't get me wrong, I do want you to know those things) but it is that your relationship with God is consistent, healthy, and strong. The ultimate accomplishment is to know love and to know your creator.So as the people come and you stand in the altar with the music aboutto start, and the lights dimmed, think about your relationship with God. Are you walking ahead of Him? Are you behind Him? Or are you nextto Him? Wherever you may be it's never to late to get back to your Starting Point!

For a biblical reference check out Psalms 50:7-15
Stay Blessed S&T as well as everyone else

One Spirit, One Truth, Spirit and Truth!


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