Monday, October 13, 2008

Closer to You - Demo- Day 1

What is going on everybody! I hope you enjoyed your weekend like I did.
Man I cannot begin to tell you how overwhelmed I am. I am so thankfull to God, so excited for what is going on in my life. Two years ago I had a dream of me singing and recording in a studio with a man that I didn't know at that time and in a place that I wasn't familiar of as well. But dream became real yesterday.

About 10 (or maybe more I don't remember) months ago I met a guy at my job named Robert Gundling. At the time that I met him I didn't know he was a believer. Months passed by and he came into the office and saw that I had a Hillsong United wallpaper in my computer. From that moment on we started talking about music. I ended up finding out that he was a worship
leader/producer/singer/musician, and that he had a studio as well. This was about June or July of this year. When he find out that I was a songwriter, he wanted me to come to his studio and work on some of my stuff. I was shocked because not a lot of producers openly give you time in there studio without some cash.

Anyways since then I have been trying to get with him to do something in the studio but it has been very hard especially in the times that we are in. But Sunday October 12th 2008 was the day! I got together with him in his studio and forget it, we hit it off immediately. We were like kids in chukee cheese (I still like chukee cheese by the way!). It was amazing. I wish I took some pictures but I was so caught up in the moment that it wasn't on my mind. We worked on one of my songs called "Closer to You". I wrote this song about a month ago. It was one of those songs that just came into my head and I wrote it down just as an idea. But as I keeped writting it, it really grabed me.I didn't want to do a really fast song or even a really slow song either. I wanted to get something in between that we could work with and that wasn't too complicated. So I picked this one to be my first one. Rob loved it, he caught on to it quick. I was there from 1:30 till about 6:00pm and we accomplished more than half of the song, which was about 2 minutes and 30 seconds worth.

It was an amazing experience. We will see how things continue to go from here on out. I will be honest with you, I don't have a plan at this moment and I don't know where all this is headed but I think that is a good thing because God knows the answer to those questions and I don't have to worry as long as I am walking in his plan for me and trusting Him. And that goes for everyone; I am not saying that you shouldn't plan things in your life because I will, but what I am saying is don't put your plans in front of God's because then it will just screws things up. Let God do what He wants and needs to do in your life! Sorry just had to toss a little preaching!

I have a sample mp3 of the song available for anyone to listen. Check it out and let me know what you think!

It is called "Closer to You"

Thank you God and thank you Rob for all your help.


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