Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fellowship Night!

What is up my people! I am just enjoying this friday eve! (which is Thursday) and can't wait for Friday baby! Anyways today was a very special day for me. Spirit and Truth Worship ministry had there first Fellowship Night! It was awesome! You are probably saying what is Fellowship night, we'll let me tell you. Every third thursday of the month the entire youth worship ministry (Spirit and Truth) gets together and hangs out. Fun, Food, and relaxing. We don't talk one thing about worship. We just fellowship together, get to know one another more and share great memories as well. This is something new that we have implemented and that I have made a priority to do monthly. It is one of the greatest ideas any worship leader can have for their ministry. I know a couple of other worship leaders starting to implement the same thing. You get to build relationship with one another that is more deeper that just a ministerial relationship. Your team becomes a family.

We'll we started around 7:45pm (actually 8:00pm). Our food menu for the evening was Little Ceasar's Pizza! yum, yum! with Soda! Great menu huh?

Here is the worship team pigging out!

Here are some more worshipers grub'n!

Here's Johnny!

We ended up playing a game called "Couch Potato" (I am not going to explain it to you because it is 11:00pm right now and I am tired!) But that game was really fun. I took about 10 minutes to understand it but everyone liked it. For some reason mostly the same team ended up wining (or was it me that just ended up losing every game? I don't know) Here is a first shoot of there win.

Here they are winning again.

They ended up winning again one more time.
We'll that was our night. We had an amazing time. This is the entire team, we were just missing 4 members, wish they could have been there!

What does your team do other than ministry? Share your story and memories!

Until next time

Stay blessed


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