Sunday, October 19, 2008

October 17-19th Setlist

What up everybody I hope you enjoyed this fabulous weekend, I know I did! Services this weekend were awesome! My wife (Jennifer) lead along with my guitarist (Ramnell, which by the way was his first time leading.) They both did great! This was our worship setlist for this weekend. (Sorry no pictures this week! I will try to get you some for next week.)

1st Song- One Way
We've done this song a bunch of times but this time it really turned out different. I played the keys and I wanted to come up with some different mixes, and sounds for all of our songs. So I came up with a nice sound mix for the intro. All in all the song came out well in both services.

2nd- Take Control by Mutemath
This was our new song for this week. It turned out really good. We only did it in our Friday night service. We try to cater to our youth/adults by bringing more modern, contemporary music for th youth on Friday night and bringing more traditional, gospel music to our older crowd. Anyways Ramnell led this one and he did great for his first time.

3rd- This is my Desire
This song was the start of our slower setlist and my wife did amazing. Again I brought it some different sounds to really give the song some flare and change it up a little.

4th- More love, More Power
This was our offering song that we finished up on, on Friday. I changed up the song with a different mix on the intro and we just rocked on the whole way through.

5th-I am Free
This was our alternate song that replaced Take control, which Ramnell lead. He also did and awesome job on this one.

Overall our worship services were awesome. It has been about three weeks now that our youth has really gotten into the services and it has really brung energy and life into our services. The power of God and His presence have really shown up tremendously. And as far as our sunday services, they have been getting there as well. I am excited with what is taking place in our church and in this worship ministry.

Stay tuned for next weeks worship setlist.

Stay blessed


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