Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 10-12th Setlist

It is Saturday morning and I am chilling. Just finished cutting the grass (thank God!) and doing my chores (yes husband's have chores). I woke up with a smile on my face, just so proud of my worship team (Spirit and Truth). I am excited as to where we are headed and what we are accomplishing as a team. Last night's service was great. Like I said a couple of weeks ago I feel so different up. Whether it is 5 people or 5000 people it doesn't to me. It is all about one person, Jesus Christ! I see a lot of improvement in our music. Our musicians our really stepping up and handling there business and I love it. Anyways let me stop bragging about them becuase they might start getting cocky!
Our worship set went as follows:
1st song- Beautiful One
We originally started the song in the original note that Jeremy camp sings it. Which I think is C or D but we ended up going with an E, which turned out good. We keeped it a good fast tempo and rocked pretty nice on the chorus.

2nd song- Your Grace is Enough

We then went to this song by Chris Tomlin. This song was our new song from our set. I really liked the way it went out. I love the chorus on this song, it is really catchy and I think the youth really caught on to this song pretty quickly.

3rd song- Mighty to Save
We followed Your Grace is Enough with Mighty to Save by Hillsong United. I love the begining of this song where the guitarist keeps repeating three notes throughout the Intro and Verses. The Chorus really hit it off. God's presence really took over from this point on. I also enjoyed when the drummer went into his solo when we were on our bridge. That was awesome!
4th song- How Great is our God
No it wasn't Chris Tomlin night at our service! That is just the way things went. This song really ignited the Youth. This song if you don't know it has a really catchy chorus to it and our youth really grabbed on to it. When we finished off the song Gaby spoke a little bit but wanted to continue. He felt like there was more, and there was. We keeped with the song and God did the rest.

5th song- Take it all
We finished off our set with this one. We have done this one a lot throughout our time but last night it sounded different. It really pumped up everybody and got the fueled. We truly rocked on this song.
We'll this was our worship set from last night. Like I said earlier I am seeing a lot of improvement in Spirit and Truth and I am fired up with what is to come. I will give you a heads up on what happens tomorrow in our Sunday morning service. Stay tuned!

We'll I am back and more fired up than ever. Sunday's setlist was the same as Friday's nothing different. Service went great though. I personally think musically we did better on Friday than Sunday and I'll have to talk to my musicians about staying consistent but other than that, the turnout was great. The vocals really poured there best just like on Friday. I am very proud of them, they have come a long way.
I'd say that our services our split down the middle between people that get into the service and give there all and people that just pretty much stand there and clap ( maybe that is there kind of worship, who knows). But little by little I see the entire congregation really receiving worship differently and getting into it more and more each week. I am really looking forward to the weeks to come.

Until next time

Stay blessed


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