Thursday, October 9, 2008

Worship Matters

What is up mi gente! Hope you have had a great week as we wrap it up and head towards the weekend. Oh yeah! Well I am sitting here in my office and I figured I would share with you what I have been soaking my brain in lately. Last week I posted up a question in (by the way if you haven't checked this website out, it is a definate must that you do). This is an awesome website full of a lot of information regarding worship and they have an amazing forum full of passionate worshipers.

Anyways I wanted to know what was a good book out there that I could read that was worship related and that went deep into worship topics, lifestyle, theory, etc. I wanted the whole shabang! (I hope that is how you spell it) So Fred (which is the man in charge of creating told me about this book titled, "Worship Matters". I went to to read a little on it and just by reading a tiny bit that they give, it ministered to me. It was a must have for me. So immediately bought and I am so glad I did. I headed to chapeter 3 and I am already blessed. Any singer, worship leader/director, musician, whether you are new to the ministry or have been involved with worship for years, I highly recommend this book. This is one of a few worship related books that I have. I have a bunch of leadership books, inspirational books, etc. but I always wonder why I never invested in more worship/leadership books. There is always a starting point. I am excited about this book and hope that you can consider reading it as well.

Keep checking me out at my readers digest label, as I keep you posted on all the books that I read.

Until next time,

Stay blessed!


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