Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oct. 3-5th Setlist

What is going my people! I got a question, why does it seem like the weekends are so fast? Not that the week has been too slow (because it has been going fast lately) but right when I seem to be enjoying my weekends here comes the "Monday Blues" (I hope someone out there can say Amen!)
We'll anyways I am beginning a new label in my page titled Friday/Sunday Setlist. In this label I will be posting the song setlist from our weekend services. I will share with you what went on throughout our Services and Practices. Let me start with our services that occurred this weekend. Friday service went as follows:

1st song- Blessed be the name of Lord
That one didn't go that well musically because for some reason our church piano (Roland) keeped transposing a note higher than our set note (weird right?) I had to keep turning off and turning back on the piano to get it to work(talk about embarrassing).

2nd song- In the Secret
I also had the same trouble with this song. I will definitely talk to my pastor to see if we can do some maintenance to it. But vocally both songs went tremendous. (I am proud of my vocals)

3rd song- Glorify your Name
Wow! that is all I can say. For some reason we did not experience the same trouble with the piano as we did with our two previous songs (thank God!) This song really did it for the entire worship service. Just put it this way our pastor usually preaches for 30-40 minutes , well he only preached for 10 minutes, the most. And on top of that we never got to do our offering song. I thank God for what He did in our Youth Friday night because our worship team went through some difficult stuff about an hour before the service started. But it was amazing how God showed up and was faithful to us. I say that because it is not easy to lead our Youth into worship. They seem to be distracted with so many other things and it becomes hard to lead them into God's presence. But Friday night was different, they came with there hearts open. There was something different about them. I honestly think that they saw the struggle that we went through but still saw us give our best up there in worship and that ultimately showed them that it all about God.

Sunday's setlist was the same as Friday, we just added
I am free (which was suppose to be our offering on Friday night)

Stay tuned for next week's setlist where I will bring you more detailed info of our Services and Practices

Until next time

Stay blessed


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