Sunday, October 26, 2008

Closer to You (Demo) Day 2

What is up my people! God is good!

This weekend has been interesting I have to say but I am still enjoying every minute of it. We'll it was about 2 weeks since I last went to the studio to continue working on my single, "Closer to You", until yesterday. I got back together with my good friend Rob and it was another awesome time singing and putting music together. Man I wish I could do this full time, hopefully one day, God willing. Anyways I am excited to say that we are almost done! Throughout the 2 weeks that I wasn't in the studio, I was working on adding another verse as well as a powerful bridge. I was also getting some feed back from other songwriters/worship leaders regarding the lyrics, so I ended up making some lyrical changes to the song as well. But thank that I was able to finish the song and bring it to the studio. My man Rob is still working on some mixes but overall the song is pretty much complete. Check out some pics!

Check me out! I am getting ready to lay down some lyrics!

I am still in the process of memorizing my lyrics so bear with me!

The techno guru (Rob) is at work! This guys is a genius! He has been a big blessing in my life. He did all the musical arrangements as well as all the mixes (and all that good stuff).

Overall it has been an amazing experience that has humbled me and shown me God's favor over my life. I can't wait to continue to more songs and hopefully get a cd going with a record label, but I don't want to get ahead of myself, I will take it day by day, trusting more and more in my Lord Jesus Christ.

Your probably wanting to hear the song already (and I don't blame you I talk to much). Well here it is!

Closer to You by Johnny Sierra

Music arrangement and Production by Rob Goodling


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