Saturday, October 25, 2008

October 24-26th Setlist

What's going on everybody! It is about 11:51pm right now and I just wanted to drop off my setlist for this weekend. We had our youth service last night and we had a great tim in God's presence. We faced some challenges and difficulties throughout our practices, that if we let could have affected our approach and our mentality in our worship set. To be honest with you this week was probably the most difficult week, worship wise. But God has continued to be faithful. Anyways this was our worship set.

Blessed be the Lord by Martha Munizzi
This was a very fun and alive type of song with a mixture of modern sound and latin sound!
My Soul longs for you by Misty Edwards
I think musically speaking this is one of our best songs that we do. I really enjoy doing this song, there is just something about it that draws me to it.

Above All by Michael W. Smith
Great song! We blew the dust out of this one! We haven't done this song in a very long time. It just came to mind and lyrically it is what I wanted to express to God's children.

God of this city by Chris Tomlin
Another great song! This was our new song this week. Physically speaking this song, for some reason seemed to be a very difficult song to accomplish musically and a little vocally as well. I still believe that we can get this song done more better and bring out the message more stronger. This song to me is a very prophetic song and it is a song that we want to emphasize to our people. That God is the God of our city!

I know who I am by Israel Houghton
Another fun song that we do. I enjoy doing this song, it is one of our newer ones so it still sounds fresh.

Overall worship on Friday was great. Not only did we have a great time in worship but Friday night was a special service. We introduced our new youth group name. Our new name is RAZE!

The name was inspired by the first chapter of Jeremiah, where God calls Jeremiah! And the meaning of the name is even more amazing. When you get a chance check out the meaning of the name you will be blown away.

Just dropped off these pictures from friday night! Awesome right! We had a great time. We'll our Sunday set was really awesome. We did the exact same lineup as Friday night. Throughout our worship set, I really spoke in depth about Jesus Christ dying on the cross. That just continued to stick to mind brain this whole morning. I am glad that I did because Pastor Rocky spoke about that as well and it was great to be able to be aligned together. To God be the glory for everything that we have been able to accomplish! Thank you Jesus!

Until next time
Stay blessed!

P.S. This setlist is also a part of “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival hosted at FredMcKinnon.Com.


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