Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cruise to the Bahamas- 1 year Anniversary

Hey everyone, what is going on! It has been a while since I have got into my blog. I just finished coming back from my 1 year anniversary cruise! It was awesome. What is better than being on a huge ship, sun tanning, relaxing, reading a book, eating anytime and how much you want, having entertainment every hour, swimming, watching movies, meeting new people, and eating some more! Nothing! That is Carnival Cruise for you. That's what me and my wife did and more. If you have never gone on a cruise I highly recommend it. It was my second cruise and it won't be my last. We took a 5 night cruise to the Bahamas. We stopped at Nassau and Half Cay Moon. We took a bunch of pictures for you's to see how awesome it was overthere.
We are in the boat. Clouds don't look good but it didn't rain and weather turned out to be good.
Check out one of our many dishes througout the cruise. Um Um good!
This is me and my wife (Jennifer, doesn't she look beautiful!) This was our Captain's Dinner night in the cruise. One night out of the cruise they hold a Captain's dinner night where everyone dresses elegantly and we eat a very fancy dinner and show.
This was one of our 3 shows. This our broadway type show! they are that good.

This was in Nassau, Bahamas. Doesn't it look like a postcard or a screensaver!

Check me and my sexy wife out! I blend right in right? I look like a tourist!

Look at that water, is that awesome or what! That was in Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. It was one of the most amazingest (if that is a word) beaches that I have seen so far.

Well, I do have hundreds of more pictures but I am not about to post all of them up. Overrall me and my wife had a tremendous time together celebrating our 1 year anniversay that went so fast. I am excited and can't wait to continue this journey with her. I love you baby and I can't wait to share more memories with you! Muah!

Until next time

Stay blessed


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