Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday Setlist

Hello everyone. Hope you enjoyed your weekend to the fullest. My weekend was great. Sunday I had Crystal and Ylonka lead our worship set. They did really great. I am really proud of there effort and excellence.

We started our worship set with Crystal. She lead:

I' am Friend of God (Israel Houghton)- G
It turned out really good. Unfortunately we missed our bass player due to sickness so we connect my piano to the bass cabinet and the piano took over for the bass as well.

You are my Rock (Frontline)- Bb
Very fun song. It is a mixture of Latin, with some Mexican/Spanish guitarish sound. One of our fun songs.

Holy of Hollies - Bb
Awesome song! The congregation really grabbed on to this song. Crystal spoke some powerful words as well. (You go girl!)

After Holy of Hollies, Ylonka stepped in and these were her songs:

Father You're Glorious (Jonathon Stockstill) - C
After Holy of Hollies, this song really was the cherry on top. The spirit of God really took hold of the responses of the congregation and began to pour himself over his people. We kept playing while the Pastor Rocky took the mic and we all began to just pour out a genuine worship. It was amazing. Pastor Rocky is really wanting us to be more prophetic in our worship and I have been feeling the same way God used to lead me a lot in the prophetic side of worship. But know since I have been putting other leads to lead services, God is still developing that in them. But I think yesterday sparked up that prophetic side of our worship up again.

Oh, It's time to Dance (Clint Brown) - Eb
Another very fun song, that we pulled out of the closet. We haven't done this one in a very, very long time. But the congregation responded great to it and we all had a great time.

Word: Illegal Hunger
Wow! That word was needed and relevant for my life and time that I am in. It was about not loosing your hunger for God and not to be satisfied with the status Que but to go deeper into God, to be radical for God. There was much more but overall God really worked great not only in my life but with his congregation.

I am so glad that this Sunday service really went the way it did. For a while it was just kind of normal. We have been missing that spontaneity, and radicalness in our service. That has been my desire and prayer, to see these Sunday services (especially our 9am service) to really come alive and be full of fire. But I believe that this Sunday service really showed a glimpse of what is to come, and come soon, and I can't wait.

What was your Sunday service like? I would love to hear your experience!

Until next time
Stay blessed

I’m posting our worship service recap in collaboration with others at “Sunday Setlists” at FredMcKinnon.Com


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