Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday Setlist

What's up everyone! Sorry I am late with the Sunday Setlist just been really tied up. Last Sunday service Germarie and Crystal lead. I left that weekend on a Leadership retreat so I didn't sing or play, but I was able to take that time and just really worship my God. Germarie and Crystal did and amazing job leading the congregation.

The lineup started with
Rejoice (Israel Houghton) - Germarie lead this one. It was funny because she was getting over a sickness, so she really didn't want to go higher that what she had to for any of her songs. But for this one she ended up going to low that she sang harmony throughout the whole song. But it ok, God was still glorified.

I want more - Germarie followed with this song. The musicians really transitioned well from the first song to this one. This song is one of our "oldies" so the congregation really responded well and really got into this one.

Holiness - Crystal lead this one and did a good job. The congregation was really into the last one so when we brought this one it really just added more. I was in the crowds and it was an amazing energy and passion that I felt.

You are (It's all about You) - Crystal lead this one as well. It was a really fun one. Another one of our "oldies" but fun. Prior to this last weekend we haven't done this song in a while so it felt fresh.

We'll that about wraps it up for our Setlists, I hope you enjoyed our Worship set. This Sunday Setlist is in collaboration with others at “Sunday Setlists” at FredMcKinnon.Com . Check it out and hear others comment on there Sunday Worship service.


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