Saturday, December 20, 2008

The 1800's....A tribute to our Great Grandparents!

Welcome to 1843!
A tribute to all of our great grandparents out there!

You are probably wondering why the heck we are dressed this way (and I don't blame you!) Is it because we are bored and have nothing to do in our lives but to dress up? Is it because we are adapting a new style of dressing? Is it because we quit our day job? Or is it because we love our great grandparents so much that we decided to look like them for a day? No, No, No and NO.

We are dressed this way because we are reenacting the famous novel "A Christmas Carol" with a slight twist in the end. The title of this production is titled "Scrooge". We have a great cast and the story line is great. We are adding Jesus (how could you not!), a special conversion scene (can't give you too much details!) and I am a caroler! Woohoo!

So do you have any old school pics of yourself? How would you look in the 1800's? Is your church doing a Christmas production that you are in? Send in some pic's.

Please feel free to laugh at these pictures as long as you like, but once you are done leave a comment or start a new post on your blog titled "The 1800's" and link that post back to this post so we can all share our pic's. Here is the link to link back to:

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Stay blessed


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