Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday Setlist (Christmas Edition)

Merry Christmas everyone! Welcome to the Christmas Edition of Sunday Setlist. I am excited to be sharing with you my Sunday Setlist which is hosted by Fred McKinnon and other worshipers at Fred McKinnon.Com.

Wow! Are services on Sunday Mornings are getting better and better each week. Are your's? I lead worship this Sunday and it was another great experience for me. On top of that I was a part of a Christmas Production titled "Scrooge That". If you haven't yet, please check out my post titled "The 1800's A Tribute to our Grandparents" you might want to check that out first to get you some what prepared.

Anyways let me get to my Sunday Setlist before that. Here it is:

1st - Celebrate, Jesus Celebrate - A
Fun song. I haven't done this song is a while but it was perfect for the our service. The congregation is very familiar with this song and really grabbed on to it.

2nd - New Season/Latter will be greater (Mix) (Israel Houghton) - F
Great song! The mix that we did in having both of these songs into one, really came out great. It is what this congregation needed. Many people have been going through a lot in our church this year but I really believe this song really brought back some hope and faith.

3rd - Agnus Dei (Michael W. Smith) - C
I forgot how powerful this song was. Again it just seemed like most of these songs were what was needed for the people of God. We built on the music, starting soft then by the end of it we got strong musically and vocally. Great song!

4th - Felix Navidad (Carlos Santana) - F
You thought I was going to go through this holiday season without singing at least one Christmas song in our worship sets? We'll we did. This song was fun and full of energy.

We'll like I told you earlier I was also a part of our Christmas Production titled "Scrooge That". Let me introduce to some of the cast members. Here they are!

Scrooge Cast from Johnny Sierra on Vimeo.

That was some of them. They were all great throughout the event. You are probably wanting to see the play, right? Ok here is a piece of the "Scrooge That" Christmas play. Enjoy!

Scrooge Scene from Johnny Sierra on Vimeo.

Did you enjoy it? Do you want to see more? I will be posting up more videos of the "Scrooge That" play soon under my "Other Videos" tab in the bottom right hand side of my blog page, so keep checking in!

How did your last Sunday service before Christmas go? Please share

I hope you enjoyed my Christams Edition of Sunday Setlist.

Merry Christmas!

Until next time

Stay blessed


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