Thursday, January 8, 2009

Spotlight Addiction!

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Is your worship team addicted to the spotlight?

As I sat with a good friend of mine a couple of nights ago, we spoke about our worship teams spirituality and where it was at and we both came to a conclusion (or revelation) of how being in the spotlight (as a member of the worship team) could become and addiction, if there isn't a strong relationship with Christ. It could cause an addiction to being in the limelight, being the center of attention, getting praises from everyone, and the list can go on and on.

Several questions stayed in my mind that entire night, like "Is my worship team addicted to the spotlight?", "Are other worship teams addicted to the spotlight of there calling and responsibility?".
Have you ever thought this question before? As worship leaders we must know what is driving our people to come to rehearsals and services, week in and week out. Is it the genuine passion to worship God and be a vessel used for His glory to bring others to His presence, that is driving our people? Or is it the excitement of being on stage with the spotlight directed on you and all eyes focused on you, and your craving for the attention and importance is being satisfied at that moment, that is driving our people?...... (Sorry I know you were into it.)

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