Friday, January 9, 2009

Fasting - Day 4

Hey everyone! We'll I completed my fourth day of this 21 day Daniel fast. If you don't know what I am talking about or haven't read my previous post on my fast, my church (Potter's House Christian Church) has incorporated Pastor Jentenzen Franklin's 21 day Daniel fast. To check out every detail of this fast go to Jentenzen

Yesterday was good and smooth, especially after all the run around the day before with my car. I woke up early today to take my wife to work, (which is what I will doing for the next 20 days!) and it was so cold outside. I was told that with this fast the cold is going to feel more colder to me because my body isn't getting the proteins it needs to, I guess keep you warm (sounds funny, but it is something like that). The hunger pains were not there like the previous day. Thank God!

I had a meeting with my pastor in the afternoon, discussing the future of our worship ministry and things are looking very bright. I will only give you one hint, we will be having a worship conference with special guest speakers. Woohoo! (That's it, I am not going to tell you anymore)

For dinner my wife once again threw down an amazing meal. Below you will see a plate of brown rice, with vegetable stir fry, with a boca patty and home made tomato sauce. On the other plate you will see a salad with no dressing and a cup of not from concentrate Orange Juice.
But let me tell you the best part of yesterday, the service. I really feel a revival stirring up in this congregation. There is just so much hunger in the atmosphere. People are not wasting any opportunity with God and that is how it needs to be day in and day out. There is such a move a God in this place. As I lead worship to this congregation, there response to God ministers to me. I stand in awe of all that God is doing in this church and in this worship ministry.

Like I said earlier this was day 4 of 21 days. Everyday for the next 21 days I will be keeping you posted with everything that happens throughout my fasting experience. You can also check out Potter's House Christian Church and download free podcast daily of every service in our 21 day fast. So stay plugged in everyday.

So are you or your church fasting this new year? If so how is it going? If not I invite you to dedicate and separate yourself for God, it will change the rest of your year.

Until next time
Stay blessed.