Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fasting - Day 5

Hey everyone! We'll I completed my fifth day of this 21 day Daniel fast yesterday. If you don't know what I am talking about or haven't read my previous post on my fast, my church (Potter's House Christian Church) has incorporated Pastor Jentenzen Franklin's 21 day Daniel fast. To check out every detail of this fast go to Jentenzen

Yesterday went very well despite only eating a banana and not from concentrate orange juice, in the morning. But for lunch it was a different story. My brother, brother -in-law, and I went to place over here in Florida called Planet Smoothie. I was introduced to a natural oatmeal raisin cookie that was soooooo good! I am actually going to buy it again today as well. But me and my brother in law also had a strawberry, banana, and orange juice smoothie. That was delicious as well. Amazingly that little meal held me up till dinner time.

I spent pretty much of the day yesterday with my brother and brother in law. We went to gamestop were I bought me a Call of Duty World at War skin for my Xbox 360. We went to a couple of stores to look for a reasonable computer sound system, but couldn't find it. But it is going on my birthday list! (Pretty soon this year I will posting up review on video games that I play for my Xbox 360, so if you are a gamer, stay tuned in)

Here is a picture of my dinner last night.

On the plate we have brown rice with beans and potatoes, with boca patty and not from concentrate orange juice. Great meal honey!

What another amazing service last night. The presence of God was there so powerfully. I really feel a revival stirring up in this church. Me and my wife lead this service with the youth. Here is our Youth Group Nation Setlist.

1. Another Level (Israel Houghton) - F
Fun song and the right one to kick this service off!
2. You are God (Israel Houghton) - Ab
We really reggaefied this song. It was hot!
3. My Soul long for you (Misty Edwards) - Bm
I can never get enough of this song. The Holy Spirit lead me to prophecy over the congregation through this song. It was amazing! We translated it in Spanish and man the congregation fell in love with it. If you want a copy in Spanish let me know!

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit we were lead to do, How Great is our God towards the ending of the service. God's presence was there so powerful. I can't wait to see what is going to occur these next days. I am full of great expectation.

Like I said earlier this was day 4 of 21 days. Everyday for the next 21 days I will be keeping you posted with everything that happens throughout my fasting experience. You can also check out Potter's House Christian Church and download free podcast daily of every service in our 21 day fast. So stay plugged in everyday.

So are you or your church fasting this new year? If so how is it going? If not I invite you to dedicate and separate yourself for God, it will change the rest of your year.

Until next time
Stay blessed.