Friday, December 5, 2008

Youth Group Nation

Hey everyone! Hope you've been enjoying your friday and getting ready for this weekend. I sure I am! As some of you know through my Sunday Setlist posts, I started joining the Sunday Setlist at Fred about a 2 months ago and really have been enjoying it. It is great to see so many worship leaders/directors/pastors and even members share there Sunday Worship sets, experiences, thoughts, etc. Thinking about all that lead me to this question, "Why hasn't anyone done something similar for there youth group services?" Maybe there is someone out there, but I haven't heard of him/her yet. I don't know about other worship leaders but not only do I lead worship on Sunday mornings but I lead worship on Friday nights for our RAZE youth group ministry in beautiful Orlando, FL.

I have a passion for our youth, so the purpose of this is to find out what other youth group's are doing and how are there services. I want to find out if there are any other worship leaders/pastors/directors that lead worship for there youth group as well as Sunday or maybe just for there youth group. I want to hear about your youth group services. Share your worship sets, experiences, as well as the rundown of the entire service.

So here it is. The debut of "Youth Group Nation" #1 Woohoo! This is the first post so bear with me. I will get a nice design on the logo soon. If someone out there has the gift to do such things than bless me, please! Every Friday we I will be hosting "Youth Group Nation". I want to hear from you. Make sure when you respond you provide us with this info:

What is your youth group name?
Where are you located?
What day is your youth group service on?
What songs were in your worship set? and the rest is on you!

Also remember that your youth group service doesn't have to be on a Friday to participate. Whatever day it is, it doesn't matter. The participation begins on Friday and so on.

So in your blog, mention the “Youth Group Nation” blog and link back to this post. Use the link as I have below. For example? In your blog, you could say “I’m posting my Youth Group Nation along with other worship leaders at “Youth Group Nation” over at” - and link back to:

Please spread the word.
As for me I will be submitting my Youth Group Nation on a Video Conversation through on your right hand side. Check it out and feel free to join my video discussion or just comment through traditional writing.
Any questions feel free to holla!

(Also "Youth Group Nation" is the new name. Originally it was going to be "Youth Group Friday" but it has been changed to "Youth Group Nation". So in the video disregard me saying "Youth Group Friday" (It was really late at night) It is now "Youth Group Nation").

Until next time

Stay blessed!


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