Saturday, December 6, 2008

OH Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree!

What's up my people! Is it me or is everyone just lazy this Christmas season? Me and my wife just finished up putting our Christmas Tree TODAY! (There are some photos below) That is horrible! It should have been done the day after Thanksgiving. What is wrong with us? Are we getting old? Is the Christmas excitement and spirit being overshadowed by the economic crisis that we all have faced this year? Whatever it is I know I ain't the only one. Some of my good friends have been slack'n and until this day, they still don't have there tree up! People we got to get on the ball here this is Christmas for goodness sake! I don't care if you are 8 yrs. old to 98 yrs. old this is CHRISTMAS! Let us enjoy this time that God has blessed us with.
Are you slack'n too? Is your Christmas Tree not up yet? Or even the decorations?
Share your Christmas experience so far. Has it been a lazy one? or are you on the ball this year?

No, this is not the finished product. This is stage 1 of 3.

Stage 2 of 3.

Taraaaa! Here it is stage 3 out of 3. This is how our Christmas Tree looks. Finally we are done! jk lol!
Share you Christmas experience so far!
Until next time
Stay blessed!


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