Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Setlist

What up everyone! Hope you've enjoyed your weekend. Mine has been great and full of great worship. This setlist is a part of Fred McKinnon's "Sunday Setlist". Check out what other worship leaders and services are doing across the country. Also don't forget that I am hosting "Youth Group Nation" under the inspiration of "Sunday Setlist" at This is a weekly Friday post, where you get to share how your youth service went, your worship setlist, etc. To check out the details of my youth service check this link out and be a part of it.

Please share and spread the word!

Anyways (sorry for the advertisement!) here is my worship setlist that I lead at The Potter's House in beautiful Orlando, FL :

1. I know who I am (Israel Houghton) - A
Very exciting song. This is a great opening service song. This song really brought life to our congregation (remember this is a 9am service!).

2. You're Grace is Enough (Chris Tomlin) -
This song really went well, especially after "I Know who I am". The tempo for both songs were pretty much similar as well as the melody so the flow was great. We try to eliminate down time in between songs we want everything to flow together.

3. Start a Fire - F#
Amazing song. This is a song that we haven't done in a while but it was the perfect one for our Sunday service. Our Pastor spoke about maintaining the Fire and passion of God in our lives and this song really hit it on the dot. The congregation responded greatly to this song. The last 4 weeks have been full of fire and energy (especially in our 9am service.).

4. Freedom Reigns (Jason Upton) - C
Wow! That is all I can say. This song is a very prophetic and really spoke to the congregation. The flow from "Start a Fire" to "Freedom Reigns" was amazing. The song sealed the deal. It was the cherry on top!

5. One way (Hillsong United) - E
Fun, Fun song. I believe it was Fred McKinnon's "Freeplay Friday", where his daughter suggested "One Way". Do it! Do it! Do it! This song is very fun and exciting. We have been singing it for almost 6 months now and it is definitely a crowd getter(or something like that! lol!).

This weekend has been amazing. All the Glory to God. Thanks for taking time to read my Sunday Setlist.
How was your Sunday service? Please leave your comments. Thanks.


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