Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Setlist

God bless everybody! Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend as we come to a close. We had a great 9:00am service this morning at The Potter's House Christian Church in Orlando,FL. My wife lead the entire service with a total of 4 songs. I am so proud of her because she was so sick this weekend but was so willing and determined to lead. I played the keys but I will be leading this weekend coming up. Here are the songs:

Break Free - F# (Hillsong United)
We started the service with an intro of F# to D. I played a synthesized string sound and every 8 counts we elevated the sound till we began the song. This song was great it really brung excitement to the congregation. It is also one of our fun ones that we like to do.

More love, More power - G#
This song is also one of our favorites. It is a slower tempo song so it prepared the atmosphere for our next slow song.

You deserve the Glory - E
Great song! The congregation really responded greatly to this song. This song is of our oldies but goodies. Every time we sing it, everyone really gets into it. It is just one of those songs.

Blessed be the Name - E
Classic! It is one of those songs that we keep in our back pocket if the unexpected happens (which did happen!).

Overall great service. I've been praying for God presence to really show up (especially in our 9:00am) and it did! For the last 3 weeks this service has been incredible and I give God all the glory!

I’m posting my worship recap along with other worship leaders at “Sunday Setlists” over at FredMcKinnon.Com so check out what other people are saying!

How was your Sunday service like? What songs did your church do? Please share

Until next time
Stay blessed


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