Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday Setlist [Birthday Edition]

What's going on blog nation! Welcome to the Life of a Worshiper. I am excited to be sharing with you my Sunday Setlist [Birthday Edition] which is hosted by Fred and other worship leaders at Fred McKinnon.Com.

What a great birthday weekend! One of the best birthday's I have ever had! I will be giving you more details in my next post, but for now let me stick to the Sunday Setlist. I lead our congregation at Potter's House Christian Church in Orlando, FL into worship this weekend. Here is our lineup.

1. You're Grace is enough (Chris Tomlin) - A

Great opening song for us. Musically we are right now working with a new drummer for the month of February, so he is getting familiar adjusted to our songs and styles. Anyways the song went really well and the congregation received it well.

2. Sing to the Lord (Hillsong United) - A
Amazing song. Usually we would have done another fast song, as the 2nd song, but I decided to transition into slower songs. This is one of our newest songs that we have done. I played a synth for it and it sounded good musically and vocally. I'm beginning to understand that it takes our congregation probably a month of playing, to learn the song, because they had the, "Is this a new song?" look on them.

3. This is the air I breath [Michael W. Smith] - A
I hope this is the correct title for this song. But man, this song did not go well at all for us. The start of the song went well but once we went to the chorus, the song just collapsed. I didn't have the right notes, our bass player didn't have the right notes, our drummer couldn't get the right timing on this song. So just imagine that scenario. I ended up stopping everything and just beginning to, spontaneously worship God and that turned out great. If God wants to mess up something so He can accomplish His plan, than let it be and that is what happened. Immediately after that I went into How Great is our God.

4. We Shine (Fee) - Dm
Great, great song. Even though we didn't have any guitars for this song, it still turned out awesome. This was our newest song for this weekend. It was purposely brought for our youth in our Raze youth service, but I wanted to bring it to the traditional Sunday service. The congregation loved it and our Pastor fell in love with it as well.

It was our second week discussing the Kingdom of God. Pastor really brought some great insight and perspective on the Kingdom of God.

Overall service was good. I know it could have been better musically, but as long as God moved that is all that matter to me. So have you ever had a musical, vocal or technical meltdown during one of your songs song or entire worship set on Sunday?