Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Introducing..... Oscar

Hey everyone!

Let me introduce to the new member of my family, Oscar! (No, not for Oscar Meyer Winer! We'll maybe! lol!)

I never thought I would be a dog owner, but for the first time in my 24 yrs. of life, I am one. I got to tell you though, it is no walk in the park. I have had snakes, frogs, turtles, bearded dragons, birds, fish, but not a dog. This is a whole nother level.

The first night he was crying so much that I had to wake up at 3am and attend to him. Let me repeat, THIS IS A DOG, NOT A BABY! I didn't think dogs needed this kind of treatment, but I found out that baby dogs do.

We'll Oscar is 6 months old, and very smart. He is a Dachshund (Winer Dog). I am having lots of fun with him. Now I have someone I can talk to that listens! jk!

Me and my wife have been managing him pretty good, when it comes to feeding, discipline, potty training, etc. But I am calling on all dog savvy people. Those with years of experience under there belt.


What helpful tips, encouragement, advice, etc can you give to a rookie dog owner like me? Share your stories