Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Am I Really Back this time?

Hey what is good everyone!

It seems like I have been following a pattern lately. Blog, disappear, blog again, disappear again.....
Well here I am again. I am really pushing to stay consistent in my blogging this year, but am sure like most people, we get bombarded with things left and right and by the time you know it, it has been months since you we have posted a blog.

Well so much has taken place throughout this new year with my: personal life, marriage, worship, ministry, work, etc. Let me give you a quick update of what's been going on.

Personal Life

Gym: I started working out again! Wohoo! I thought I wouldn't come back but how can you say know abs and muscles! lol I will keep you guys posted on my progress, which by the way is turning out great. I am seeing dramatic and fast results in just 2 months.

Gaming: Still gaming hard! Picked up a few games. Battlefield Bad Company 2, Dante's Inferno and of course still rocking hard the Modern Warfare 2!

Marriage: It is going great. We have are ups and downs but we fight through together. No kids yet and maybe not for a while. We are just enjoying each other and life. My wife is also working out/dieting and it has helped me tremendously.

Worship: Great year so far in worship, our entire team is growing with new singer and musicians, which is a great because it allows breaks, rotation, and diversity in singing and music style within the ministry. Looking forward to some up and coming projects that we are putting together this year. Can't wait.

Ministry: It is a great time for ministry in our church. We are going through an expansion/construction process right now and things are going really well. The church is growing drastically and we can't wait for our new building, that should be up late spring, early summer of this year. This expansion will be beneficial for the worship team being that the altar will be bigger, new sound equipment/technology, new instruments, lighting, the whole shabang!

Work: Thank God for work! Sometimes! lol My job has been a blessing financially. At the moment I am a Conference Coordinator. I pretty much organize medical, financial and business conferences around the globe. Sounds important huh! lol Last year was a super tough year for me and my wife financially but God has opened up doors. I have great coworkers and a great atmosphere of work.
Don't tell anyone but I am currently pursuing my Personal Training Certification! It is something that I have always wanted to do but never have. Well the opportunity has arose again and it ain't passing me up this time. Let's see where this takes me. You never know until you try (of course under the Lord's direction).

But that pretty much sums it all. Short and sweet, well kind of... lol

Oh! I forgot I am also going through a hairstyle change! I am excited so far but still have a little while to go. I will keep you guys updated with the process.

Stay updated weekly on my blog page and feel free to leave me comments here and there!

Until next time



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