Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fasting 2010 - Day 2

Hello everyone!

Here we are in Day 2 of this 21 day Daniel fast. Woke up very refreshed, inside my warm home. I live in Florida and I have the heater on in my home! I am not kidding!, it is reaching the 20's at night here in the Sunshine State. Cold weather and fasting is not a very good mix, trust me!

The work day was great. I am blessed to have my supervisor a part of this fast with me. The temptation level is way down this year than the last two years (maybe I am talking to soon!). The most difficult part probably has been my addiction to munchies. I am always munching on something while at work, so in this fast my munchies have been limited to strawberries, bananas, and peanuts. Thank God for Peanuts!

Service was very good. We sang four songs, 1. El Senor esta en este lugar 2. Friend of God 3. Jesus lover of my Soul 4. Jehova es mi Guerrerro. Our pastor did not preach, sister Mary preached. She was surprisingly funny. She touched on Isaiah 58: 5-7. Her word complemented what our Pastor has been bringing to the church.

We finished off the night with some smoothies! Great day

IN THE START OF THIS NEW YEAR, WHAT ARE YOU AND/OR YOUR CHURCH DOING DIFFERENTLY? (Fasting, New Services, Goals, Strategies, etc) Please feel free to share.

Well I hope that you continue to stay with me in my 21 day Daniel fast journey, as I share with you my heart, day, services, foods, etc.

See you tomorrow