Monday, January 31, 2011

Beach Body: Series 1: Part 14

Fuego here for another Beach Body edition. So, how is it going so far?
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Below is a vid on LL COOL J. This guy has really put in some time on his body and the work has paid off for him. Check it out.

Here is what I did:
Wake up time: 4:30am
Gym arrival: 5:05am

Light (Walking) to Medium (Jogging) Cardio/Stretch: 13min.
Light, meaning that I began by walking then half way began to perform a light jog to warm up the muscles and get good blood flow through out my body. Great before a workout

Abdominals: 15-20min.
  • Superset: Hanging Knee Raise w/ Full Plank : 3sets/10-12x
  • Superset: One Leg Ab Crunch w/ Side Planks: 3sets/10-12x

Back: 30min.

  • Superset: One Arm Dumbbell Row/ Resistant Band Row: 3 Sets/10-15x
  • Superset: Bent Over Barbell Row w/ Alternating Plate Rows: 3 sets/10-12x
  • Superset: Pulls Ups w/ Cable Reverse Flys: 3sets/12-15
  • Machine Pull Up Machine: 3sets/10-12x

Biceps: 20min.

  • Superset: Barbell Incline Curl w/ Standing Curls w/ Resistant Band: 3sets/10-12x
  • Hammer Curl w/ Cable: 3sets/10-12x
  • Cable Side Curls: 3sets/10-12x

Light Cardio: 13min.

Great workout, had a blast once again in my Vibram's. Below is some workouts that you can implement in your routine. Hope it helps.



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