Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beach Body: Series 1: Part 2

What's going on everyone!

Dude I have to say that I'm super soar right now! I barely can move my arms and legs, but in a weird way, I like it!

I woke up late this morning. I'm suppose to wake up at 4:30am but ended up waking up at 5am.
I got to say it was tough but exciting at the same time, I'm weird like that, lol.

I got to the gym around 5:20am

Started out the morning with cardio.

20min. of Treadmill (Including Stretching, Warm-up and Cool down)
15-20 min. of Abdominal exercises
-Plank on elbows and Toes
-Ball Transfer Crunch
30 min. Shoulders
- Dumbbell Arnold Presses
- Military Press w/ Resistant Band
- Front Delt Raise w/ Resistant Band
- Middle Delt Raise w/ Resistant Band
- Back Delt Dumbbell Raise
15min. Biceps
- Mother Curls w/ Barb bell
- One Arm Curls w/ Resistant Band
- One Arm Side Curls w/ Resistant Band

Overall great workout! I've been able catch up with some old friends of mine at the gym that I missed a lot.

We'll as you can see this is Part 2 of my Beach Body Series. I hope that you can follow me through this journey. Don't forget to ask questions or share your Beach Body story.

So, are you starting or seeking your Beach Body this year?



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