Friday, January 14, 2011

Beach Body: Series 1: Part 3

What's up!

I'm so soar right now that it I can't even type! lol (I'm not joking) I have to say, that it really feels good to be back on the grind again. No matter how far I go I always end up coming back. I just don't know how much my body can take of this for the years to come, so I definitely need to push for consistency and determination. I have to say those are the the two ingredients that you need to possess in order to achieve your health goal, or any goal in particular.

Be consistent in your gym attendance and dieting but you also want to change up workouts, times, food, etc every 2 to 3 months. Routine can become a dangerous thing just as it is a good thing. Your body is capable of developing muscle and diet memory. So you have to continuously shock your body, so it never adapts to a routine, which in turn will develop muscle, definition, fat loss, etc. Once your body gets in a routine, its hard to see results and in turn you lose motivation.

Be determined! Having determination pushes you to the next level. Have a purpose in why you are doing what you are doing and let that push you. Be determined to learn, and push your body into new levels every 2 to 3 months. Different exercises for different parts of your body as well as different diet plans for different times of the year will help you a lot. Remember to always push yourself to the next level, wisely and safely.

We'll this morning I started with:

20min. Cardio (Stretching, Warm Up and Cool down)
15-20 min. - Abdominals
-Leg Raises
-Toe Touches
30min. - Back
-Pull Ups
-Reverse Cable Pull downs
-One arm Rolls w/ Resistant Band
-Bent Over Rolls
-Reverse Butterflies w/ Resistant Band

Overall my workout was pretty fast, about an hour and change. Keep me in prayer because tomorrow is LEG DAY ( which I call HELL DAY!) but I'm up for the challenge. I'll probably be at a different location but I'm excited.

Feel free to join me in this Beach Body journey. Any questions, concerns, or whatever please feel free to comment below.

Have you started working on your Beach Body yet? No excuses



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