Monday, January 17, 2011

The Playoffs: Packers Dominate! Recap/Highlights

What can I say! Another dominating performance by my beloved Green Bay Packers. The Super Bowl has never smelled so close and good!! I got to be honest with you though, with all the injuries and close overtime games that we lost during the regular season, I was getting worried that we would not be a threat in the post-season or by that even make the post-season. But here we are in the NFC Championship Game! One game away from the Super Bowl. Here is what took place:

Great Offense/Passing/Rushing: Aaron Rodgers once again leading the offense to one of the best performances of post-season history. 31/36, 366 yards, 3 td's. All I can say is WOW! This guy is an absolute beast. If he continues to play this way, theres no way any team can beat us.
Greg Jennings, 8 receptions, for 101 yards.
Starks didn't have a big game like in Philadelphia but he gave us some big first downs when we needed it and kept the clock running.
James Starks 25attempts for 66yards.
Also Packers set team record for most points scored in a single post-season game with 48.

Great Defense: This defensive unit is SERIOUS!! If you haven't heard, Clay Mathew was named Defensive Player of the Year last week. That makes 2 consecutive Green Bay Packer seasons with Defensive Players of the Year. Last year it was Charles Woodson and this year it is Clay Mathews. Check out the article here. Back to game these were the stats.
5 sacks
2 interceptions
1 Forced Fumble
One word, BEASTY!!!

I clearly ain't expecting anyone to give us the respect the we deserve and I also don't want any bang wagon jumpers joining this Packers team either. But however watched this game knows that this team is dangerous. So like I said, the Super Bowl is smelling good and near and the only thing that can beat us is ourselves.



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