Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is Over!

Christmas is over and Santa's work is done! He is going on vacation now.
Here is the aftermath of Christmas morning with the Cruz's/Sierra's!

Like I said in my recent post, Christmas was great. This year we spent the night at my in-law's house. That is one of our traditions (which if you want to check out more of my traditions and share some of your's you can find the post here). We were up by 7:30am and were opening gifts by 8:00am. Here is what I received for Christmas:

Xbox 360
Call of Duty 5
12 month xbox live subscription
iRobot (Movie)
Pursuit of Happiness (Movie)

What did you receive for Christmas?

I did not get any sleep these last two days. How about you? Why is that? Christmas puts such an excitement in us that sleep is the last thing on our minds. We shared breakfast together, which was delicious. We also had a great Christmas dinner. This was our menu:

Arroz con gandules/Rice w/ pigeon peas
Potatoe Salad

What did you have for Christmas dinner?

I love Christmas and I love it when it comes and hate it when it leaves, but saying that makes me think, does Chrismas ever have to leave? Just because December 25th is over does the celebration, the giving and the thankfullness to our Lord Jesus Christ stop? I say no. I say we all continue to celebrate each and every day our Lord Jesus Christ. I say we celebrate because the old is gone and the new (2009) is ahead! We are living in the greatest times in history! Let us celebrate to that! Let us celebrate that we have our families, friends, health, jobs, churches, etc. And if you have no of those then celebrate that you have life and forgiveness.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas weekend!

(If you want to check photos of my Christmas morning then you can find them on my myspace page here or my facebook page here!)

Until next time

Stay blessed


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